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Tracy Henning is the Founder and CEO of Bone & Brass, LLC. For the past 20+ years she's built, renovated and designed homes both professionally and personally. She's owned many businesses over the years and was a partner on multi-million dollar projects. She holds a Florida Real Estate Sales license and previously owned a General Real Estate Brokerage firm employing 15 agents, amongst her other businesses. She is very experienced in all aspects of real estate from purchase to design and construction.

Katie Wheeler is the Vice President of Business Development and Design. She comes to Bone & Brass with over 15 years of Real Estate Development, Home Renovation and Design experience. After residing in Miami, Palm Beach, Denver, New England and Southern California, she found her home in Saint Petersburg, FL.  Her love for the outside elements combined with her distinctive taste and exposure to design all over the world has brought inspiration to her client’s homes making them one of a kind.

Katie has been involved with philanthropic organizations such as Teen Challenge in Haiti, Dreams Come True, BBBS in Denver and The Live Well Project in San Diego.  She has a passion for animals and wants to continue her volunteerism for sheltered animals in the St.Pete/Tampa area. 

Paige Sreenan is an Interior Designer having custom built and designed 10+ homes around the United States in addition to all the interior design projects she’s done for all her clients. She’s had notable builder partnerships that include Horn Builders (Jacksonville), Serafin Home Builders (New Jersey) and Tolbert Home Builders (South Florida). Paige creates designs tailored to the client’s desired aesthetic and the personality of their home.

Our name Bone & Brass describes our vision. Bone is organic, rough, and a neutral color. Brass is a substance that is created from natural elements that have been blended together and polished to perfection. Our team has thousands of hours of research, a thoughtful eye for beauty, and over two decades of experience in design, construction and renovation.

At Bone & Brass our goal is to create beautiful, inviting and inspirational spaces that reflect your lifestyle and everyday use. Whether it is your home or your office, we design spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our design team is known for their attention to detail and for delivering excellence. We integrate unexpected eye-catching design elements, along with furnishings, fabrics and finishes from 300+ manufacturers to create stunning interiors. We work tirelessly to ensure that your vision becomes reality, all within budget.

For more information or a complimentary phone consultation please contact our design team at 888-245-7238 or Sales@BoneBrass.com

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