Modernize Your Home with These Top 6 Trendy Interior Light Fixtures

June 30 2016 – Bone & Brass

Modernize Your Home with These Top 6 Trendy Interior Light Fixtures
Modernize Your Home with These Top 6 Trendy Interior Light Fixtures

“Light fixture- the treasure of a beautifully brightened world”

The addition of lighting components is the secret element devoted to garnishing the final touches to your decoration. A lighting fixture in a room does not just illuminate an interior but transforms it from plain to posh. Beyond radiating the space, stepping into a room embedded with mild warm light evokes welcoming and inviting emotions. 

From an elegant minimalist glow to a bold royal statement, the right choice of light fixtures can seamlessly blend with every specific interior design. Are you puzzled regarding the right fixture to illuminate different home areas? This blog will drive you through insights into different light sources suitable for every corner. Explore below the fitting option to turn your home into a paradise of coziness with a comforting radiance.

Settling On A Perfect Match: Different Lighting Fixtures for Home Decoration


These timeless lighting fixtures integrate wealth and glamor into your residence with their sophisticated design blending essence. When positioned perfectly, this luxury lighting decor acts as a focal point, diverting attention to the beautiful embellishment to your ceiling. 

Chandeliers are perfect to make your entryway walk no less than a classy doorway to a royal residence. Other home segments including the top of the dining table, the center of a master bedroom, and the living room can be incorporated with the beauty of distinct chandeliers.

Coastal Living Waterfall White Beaded & Rattan Chandelier

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These rather subtle lighting fixtures are versatile detailing designed to turn a dull room into a glowing beauty. Resembling elegant jewelry, the pendants are dedicated to blending in a minimalist interior design. 

Each pendant has a unique expression and delivers the dedicated amount of lighting as required. These elegantly designed fixtures are compatible with various corners across a home including the kitchen, dining area, foyer, and bedroom. Make your bedroom a perfect combination of sleekness and modern artistry with our Styx Vertical Pendant Natural Brass

Have a look at our endless range of pendant fixtures created with diverse materials and exclusive designs.


Jubilee Pendant Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Sconce Fixtures

Sconce fixtures are no less than the gems of the interior design sphere, merging beauty and functionality into one. 

Besides adding an extra dose of glamour to a room, a stunning sconce fixture highlights the decor hung around them. The grace of this decor item is an ideal match for contemporary clean yet elegant decoration. 

Integrated beside a study table, the sconce is a companion for late-night readers and workaholics. 

Wanna know what makes these lighting decor elements extra special? - their adaptability to every corner of your home, from embellishing the living room, kitchen, bathroom, entryway, and beyond. 

Take a tour of our extensive sconce fixtures ranging from sophisticated designs like a Milos Dark Blue Beaded Sconce to basic ones like Wick Sconce Single Natural Brass.


Wick Sconce Single Natural Brass

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Milos Dark Blue Beaded Sconce

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Table Lamps

Table lamps have been a critical part of home decoration for ages, having no chance of their obsoletion in the upcoming time. Majorly regarded as a functional component of side tables or study tables, modern lamps are designed to serve your home with innovation, style, and practicality. 

Today’s remarkably crafted lamps are perfect for setting a unique tone to your living rooms, bedrooms, and foyer. The table lamps can be lit up your bedroom, living room, or entrance, blazing the decor items positioned nearby. 

Enrich its captivation with an extra touch-up of some decor items such as a tiny plant, some unusual stones or pebbles, and other options that reflect your personal style. 

Moreover, you can use a table lamp to create a reading nook in the bedroom or bring stunning living room artwork into the limelight- the choice is entirely yours.


Southern Living Alice Porcelain Flower Table Lamp

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Floor Lamps

When it comes to interior styling, floors are mostly overlooked. Give them the same amount of attention by positioning an exquisite floor lamp that pops up the color contrast while uplifting the room’s aura. 

Currently, the decor market has a huge hype for floor lamps and there are dedicated lamps available to fit every home style. 

Want a tall and sleek arched configuration that puts your floor plants to center stage with a dose of brightness? Or would you prefer an extraordinary lamp with a top that features hidden lighting in a bunch of feathers? - Possibilities to find a perfect one that speaks for your style are boundless with Bone & brass floor lamp collections.


Minerva Twin Shade Floor Lamp

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Manny Nickel Floor Lamp

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Flush And Semi-Flush Mounts

The mounts are a visionary addition to reform your basic dwelling into a luxurious space. They are manufactured in a small layout, and thus are the perfect lighting decors for your home’s areas having no scope for maximalist fixtures. Rather than loading an extra pinch of adornment, they tune up the existing style of the space. 

A gorgeous statement piece like our Poppy Glass Semi Flush Mount White is a clutter-free solution for a well-decorated compact room. Their elegance is simply a final touch that equips nothing but a graceful aura. 

Every different tone and intensity of lighting influences our moods and emotions distinctly?”- That’s why we suggest you take time and order the right sconce option that turns your dream residence into reality. 

A glare of warm lighting can get you to a flashback of those unforgettable warm memories of your life. For every different room, setting the correct ambiance makes a considerable difference.

Poppy Glass Semi Flush Mount White

Poppy Glass Semi Flush Mount White

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Trendy tips for Modern Decoration

Want to style your space in a manner that reflects your true personality? The use of lighting articles is a wonderful option to accomplish this. Have a look at the suggestions below to shop for the right fixtures.

Combine Things Together

Create visual interest in space by installing multiple light fixtures of varying sizes for larger spaces. Do not restrict yourself to bidding on one fixture. For instance, pick our Glacier Small Polished Nickel Chandelier along with Louis Sconce Single or table lamp to light up the living room aesthetically. This uplifts the sophistication of the decoration while keeping it royal in every way.


Louis Sconce Single

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Glacier Small Polished Nickel Chandelier

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Picking The Right Color

Lighting decor items are made with varying color tones of their light and the paint of the base material. 

Matte finish is the current trend and would be a preferable choice for contemporary interior designs. On the other hand, comprehend selecting a fitting selection among the brightness variations such as warm or cool, intense or mild.

Count on The Dimensions

Hanging up an oversized chandelier in a compact space would mess up no matter how stunning your fixture is. When shopping for lighting equipment for specific rooms, devote time to precise room measurements to buy proportionate lighting decor.

Functionality Matters

Desiring a fixture for your study table? Or is your living room missing a suitable mood? Every need deserves a distinct solution! 

Task lighting fits better for the workspace or kitchen, whereas accent lighting is dedicated to fine-tuning the living room or bedroom.

The Right Placement

Experimenting with the positioning of fixtures may land you on an out-of-the-box styling plan. The correct positioning will cast the right amount of glow and impact in every particular area. For example, installing pendant lights above the dining table or kitchen island will shed subtle light on the desired space.

Lighting fixtures are no less than heroes of home decor as the blog demonstrates their decoration ability that goes beyond the functional objectives. With their exciting designs and lighting, they turn your residence into a haven of relaxation. Want to look at the styling options you have for your home? Have a peek at our extensive modern lighting collection for a magical addition of style and beauty to your home.