Top 7 Modern and Classic Coffee Tables and Their Decor Ideas

March 14 2023 – Bone & Brass

Top 7 Modern and Classic Coffee Tables and Their Decor Ideas
Top 7 Modern and Classic Coffee Tables and Their Decor Ideas

How much attention do you pay to the design and compatibility aspects when buying a coffee table? After the dining table, the coffee table is the second most used piece of furniture for common gatherings. Whether it is about hosting your guests or having regular evening snacks, this compact furniture item always comes in handy. You may need more than just one table because of interior and exterior requirements and it should be matching your overall furniture theme. We know how to maintain uniqueness and elegance together without any compromises, thus presenting you with a great collection to choose from. Check out some cool stuff available in our luxury collection. 

Top 7 Magnificent Coffee Tables For Your Interiors and Exteriors 

  • Thompson Teak Root Square Bunching Table 
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    Thompson Teak Root Square Bunching Table

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    Wood is a timeless furnishing material that may last for centuries if cared for properly. Instead of traditional boards and frames, this unique table has been creatively crafted with the roots of a mature Teak tree. The natural curves and shapes of the roots create visually interesting designs that can add character and style to any space. Tree roots are a dense and strong material, making them ideal for furniture that needs to be sturdy and long-lasting. Furniture made from tree roots can be a durable and reliable choice that can withstand wear and tear over time. Have a sense of calmness and relaxation in your living space with this natural material. If you are looking for a minimalistic theme, waterfall coffee table wood is a great option. 

  • Webbed Blackened Iron Coffee Table 
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    Webbed Blackened Iron Coffee Table

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    Bring a futuristic vibe with this specimen of craftsmanship to your indoors. With a bottom supported by a web of metallic roads, this coffee table has been topped with a glass panel. This one is a great choice for home and office interiors because of the iron durability, and distinctive design and also requires less maintenance because of the minimalist design. Round glass fixed over the table creates a cool modern look that your guests will surely admire. 

  • Harbor Seagrass Coffee Table
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    Harbor Seagrass Coffee Table

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    If an all-metal frame is not on your preferences list, don’t miss this Harbor Seagrass Coffee Table encircled from top to bottom with weaved seagrass. It creates a natural vibe and perfectly matches your interior design inspired by the coastal theme. Crafted from high-quality seagrass, this beautifully designed table is both durable and stylish. The unique texture of seagrass creates an eye-catching focal point. Beautiful rings of seagrass beneath the glass panel will grab your attention every time. 

  • Naomi Antique Brass Coffee Table  
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    Naomi Antique Brass Coffee Table

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    This smartly designed antique brass coffee table is completely different from any regular rectangular tables you will find in the market. The eye-catching factor is its brass frame creating X on the bottom for adequate support. The minimalist design and fusion of marble and brass coffee table make it a great choice for quirky home ideas. Crafted with a sleek and stylish brass frame, and finished with a luxurious white marble top, this table exudes elegance and sophistication. Whether you're enjoying a cup of coffee or entertaining guests, this coffee table is both functional and visually striking. Shop now and add a touch of glamour to your home!

  • Celine Copper Nesting Coffee Tables 
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    Celine Copper Nesting Coffee Tables

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    If you are looking for an extended variant in coffee tables, this Celine Copper Nesting design is an ideal piece of furniture to buy. These are two tables that you can slide in to combine together or use separately according to the number of guests. Those who prefer round coffee tables for large gatherings must have a glimpse of functionality and elegance. Since it is an iron frame table clad with copper on the top, use it inside the home, on the terrace, or in the law. The metal texture from top to bottom is a perfect fit for rustic home themes. 

  • Bronze Log Coffee Table 
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    Bronze Log Coffee Table

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    No other option can produce a vintage and classic equivalent to this single-piece bronze log coffee table. The precision and elegance in mimicking wooden logs are undeniably applaudable. Crafted from high-quality bronze and designed to resemble a natural log, this table is not only beautiful but also practical with a spacious surface area for all your living room essentials. The log has no separate frame or countertop, making it undemanding from maintenance aspects. You just have to take care of it with timely polishing and dusting to avoid the effects of oxidation. 

  • Black River Stone Coffee Table 
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    Black River Stone Coffee Table

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    This big pearl-looking coffee table is one of its kind and the reason is its smooth and seamless design. Inspired by a water theme, you can place it indoors or outdoors whenever suits you. However, we recommend it for outdoor placement. The shining black color of this table will reflect elegantly under both natural daylights and night bulbs. Made with top-quality black river stones, this elegant piece is sure to be the centerpiece of your living room. Its unique design and superior craftsmanship make it both stylish and durable. 

    Some Awesome Coffee Table Decor Ideas You Must Try 

    From metal to glass coffee table decorating ideas, we will discuss some options that you can easily arrange without the assistance of an interior designer. Have a look:- 

    • A beautiful vase with fresh flowers or a potted plant will add a touch of elegance and nature to your coffee table. This decor idea is compatible with furniture inspired by nature themes like our teak wood and seagrass coffee tables. 
    • If you are planning for setting up an artistic elegance, try out this modern coffee table decor idea. A set of high-end coffee table books with beautiful photography or artwork will not only look great but can also be great conversation starters.
    • Assort a decorative tray with scented candles, a beautiful set of coasters, and a small bowl of polished stones or crystals. This idea amazingly works with our black or white river stone coffee tables. Effortlessly create a luxurious and cozy atmosphere in your living room.
    • Unique sculptures or pieces of artwork are the coffee table decorative accents that complement the overall decor of your room and add a great focal point for your coffee table. Bone and Brass has an extensive range of decor accessories i.e. Small Ocean Blue Glass Vase, Clear Sphere Bud Vase, Intersecting Sculpture Polished Nickel, Imperial Clam, Ariel Blue Hand Blown Glass Shells, Coral Art Piece, and a lot more to explore. 
    • Arrange a well-curated collection of vintage or antique items such as antique boxes, old maps, or vintage cameras. A perfect combination of decor objects according to the size of your coffee table can add character and history.

    If you want more coffee table trends in 2022 and 2023, scroll through our all collection pages. We have premium furniture for your entire space from home to office. Find out what suits your vibe or ask us while shopping.