Top 6 Dining Room Chandeliers to Enhance the Beauty of Your Space

March 27 2023 – Bone & Brass

Top 6 Dining Room Chandeliers to Enhance the Beauty of Your Space
Top 6 Dining Room Chandeliers to Enhance the Beauty of Your Space

Planning to illuminate your dining room with timeless accent pieces? How about giving lighting fixtures like chandeliers a try? While modern dining room lighting has become a style statement for luxury or minimal homes, Bone & Brass has introduced chandeliers to suit varied tastes. Each of them is primarily designed to add elegance and sophistication to any space, transforming the vibe altogether. 

Whether your dining area is a grand ballroom or a cozy intimate space, suitably crafted chandeliers made with premium materials will appropriately light up the room. However, before exploring your options you must:-

  • Consider the size of your dining room to buy proportionate accent pieces
  • Be mindful of the height of the ceiling 
  • Consider the style sense of your dining area ( for example, modern or contemporary) 
  • Choose the right colored lights to fix inside the chandelier 

Picking the right dining room chandeliers will help you create a stunning focal point that will elevate your dining room's aura while keeping it welcoming. 

Our Top 6 Dining Room Chandeliers

  1. Blossom Black Iron Chandelier

Dimensions: 34W x 39D x 24H

Primary Material: Metal

Finish: Flat Black or Rust


Blossom Black Iron Chandelier

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Exuding chicness along with sophistication in every bit of it, the Blossom Black Iron Chandelier is a stunning hanging light for dining tables. The intricate design using high-quality black iron gives it a unique and eye-catching appeal. This piece can hold multiple bulbs at the tips of an upside-down flower structure, captivating enough to grab the attention of anyone who enters the room. All in all, this lighting fixture is a testament to the quality of craftsmanship that goes into producing such artistic creations.  

  1. Frosted Crystal Bead Chandelier

Dimensions: 50.25H x 28W x 28D

Primary Material: Steel

Finish: Antique Gold


Frosted Crystal Bead Chandelier

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While searching for befitting crystal chandeliers for the dining room, how can you pass by the glamorous Frosted Crystal Bead Chandelier? This regal accent piece creates a beautiful display of light and shadow, perfect for large dining rooms or ballrooms with a high ceiling. Similar in size to our Coastal Living Jute Chandelier, its bold and delicate details make it a valuable addition to any interior design project. 

If you are planning to inaugurate a commercial property like a hotel or shopping center, this chandelier will surely add a touch of luxury to the setting. 

  1. Styx Chandelier Oil Rubbed Bronze

Dimensions: 47.75W x 11D x 13H

Material: Steel

Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze


Styx Chandelier Oil Rubbed Bronze

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If you fancy adding a spectacular sculptural element to your home, our Styx Chandelier Oil Rubbed Bronze shall be your go-to option. Exuding a modern and minimalist appeal like the pendant lights, this dining room light fixture is perfect to be installed right above the dining table. It features a unique design with a series of metal rods arranged in a radial pattern and finished in a sleek and modern oil-rubbed bronze. Being an appropriate balance of style and functionality, the chandelier imparts a touch of modern sophistication to any space. 

  1. Vista Outdoor Chandelier Driftwood

Dimensions: 21.75H x 17W x 17D

Primary Material: Plastic

Finish: Grey


Vista Outdoor Chandelier Driftwood

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Looking for minimalist lighting fixtures to glisten the romantic aura of the dining room? Vista Outdoor Chandelier Driftwood can serve the purpose! This beautifully designed lighting fixture imparts a touch of rustic charm and elegance to the outdoors. Furthermore, it is a perfect accent piece for lounge areas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, mimicking a piece of natural beauty. 

  1. Southern Living Selena Chandelier Sphere

Dimensions: 39W x 39D x 45.5H

Material: Steel

Finish: Antique Gold Leaf


Southern Living Selena Chandelier Sphere

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Introduce dramatic and artistic vibes to the space with this elegant chandelier for the dining room. Our Southern Living Selena Chandelier is available in Sphere, Square, and Hexagon shapes to suit the requirement of varied home designers. It features a unique spherical design with a beautiful arrangement of crystals and is crafted from high-quality materials. This statement piece is sure to impress and capture anyone’s attention, becoming a valuable investment that is sure to stand the test of time.

  1. Wolfe Linear Chandelier Natural Brass

Dimensions: 16.5H x 47.5W x 1.5D

Material: Steel

Finish: Natural Brass

The Wolfe Linear Chandelier is designed to add a touch of classic sophistication to any space. This brass dining room light fixture features a unique linear design with multiple arms, each holding a bulb to provide ample light. The number of arms can be customized according to special needs, making it a versatile addition to any interior design project.

Explore the endless varieties of dining room lights at the official online store of Bone & Brass and place an order for your favorite ones!