Best Wall Decor Ideas To Adorn Your Blank Wall

April 10 2023 – Bone & Brass

Best Wall Decor Ideas To Adorn Your Blank Wall
Best Wall Decor Ideas To Adorn Your Blank Wall

“Writing stories on the empty walls, where each decor is a different chapter”

The walls propose a great opportunity to add depth and character to your home. Every component of decoration is a possibility to take your residential ambiance towards an elevated appeal. 

As the scope is vast when it comes to decoration, you must begin your journey with planned embellishment options. From artistic painting to designer mirrors, understand the right mix and match that fits your expectations. 

In this blog, we have included 3 unique wall decor ideas to style your space. Let’s move ahead and know what suits your taste the best.

Mirrors: Creating illusions and Classiness

The home transformation ability of mirrors is simply unmatchable to other decor items. A single broad mirror is capable of glowing up a space with its light-reflecting power.


Driftwood Round Mirror

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Mirrors are no less than a blessing for compact spaces as they develop the illusion of more spaciousness. 

Pro tip: While creating this illusion, make sure a wide mirror is installed in front of a window that reflects natural lighting and brightens up the space.


What’s more special about mirrors? – Mirrors can be utilized to style up every corner of your home from the living room and bathroom to the balcony. 

Creating a focal point is effortless with our sophisticatedly designed Grove Braided Mirror and Driftwood Round Mirror to instantly glam up your space.


Grove Braided Mirror

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While highlighting their beautifying characteristics, let’s not forget about their functional aspect. You cannot accomplish the final look of your bedroom and bathroom without assembling a perfectly sized mirror. Beyond being a desirable home decor item, a mirror is more of a need in your abode.

Paintings: The visionary adornment

Paintings display the essence of artistic vision combining emotions and moments in an ingenious manner. These creative add-ons make a style statement by reflecting your personality and inner voice. Along with developing visual interest in a room they also recite a story behind their creation. 

Paintings are available in vast varieties ranging from vibrant patterns with a splash of colors to subtle & elegant ones. If created with a depth of beliefs, they have the power to inspire the viewer.

Wanna know what makes paintings a popular choice for home decor? Their versatility in adapting every interior design from traditional to modern. 

Sculptures: Three-Dimensional Emotions

Let’s get over the 2D art and step into the world of 3D craftsmanship. Our comprehensive modern wall decor collection has been crafted with the purpose to develop dimensional boldness in your home. The texture and contrast of the sculptures are the prime engaging elements that capture the eyes.


White Flower Wall Art, Large

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Sculpted wall art has endless design options whether you seek a colossal one like our White Flower Wall Art, Large, or a miniature one such as Stacked Wall Ring. They can be a great match for your living room, bedroom, and entryway areas.


Clouds Gray Wall Art

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Metal decor items are currently encountering a significant craze in the interior designing sphere. An interestingly manufactured sculpture wall decor is certainly a valuable addition not only for modern homes but also for vintage design.

Considerations When Styling Your Walls

While buying these artworks for your home must consider the below-mentioned decoration tips:

Begin with making the measurements of the wall to be embellished to pick the correct sized decor essentials. For instance, our White Washed Wooden Mirror would blend in a small space, whereas a Jacob Oversized Floor Mirror would demand a wide area.


White Washed Wooden Mirror

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Stick to your home’s interior design and buy the products that match seamlessly. Here is an example: Pierre Rattan Mirror is dedicated to vintage and cottage styles, in contrast, Candice Gold Leaf Mirror is flexible enough for every configuration.


Candice Gold Leaf Mirror

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Hang your painting where it receives plenty of natural or artificial light. You can also integrate a wall sconce above the decor to make your craftwork a spotlight.

Combining paintings together is a wonderful approach for creating a picture wall. However, keep the count lower to avoid cluttering your walls.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your choice. For instance, if styled well, a vintage painting can be a great addition to decorating a modern home.

Final Thoughts

Your expressionless walls are ready for a makeover with our interesting decorative products. Remember that there are no certain rules when it comes to bringing creativity to your home. Take mindful measures when buying decor essentials and create a meaningful residence rich with tasteful surroundings. Have a drive through endless options in the Bone & brass wall decor collection and start adorning your home today!